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1.  Where does the Go-See take place?

This is a Nationwide Go-See and is done online. The Official home office of MCI resides in Nashville TN. There’s no travel required.

2.  Why do I not see my photo displayed on the Website?

You must allow ample time after the date of your registration for our production dept. to upload your photo to the website.

3.  How do I communicate with MCI about the online Go-See or other upcoming events?

Simply send a text with all of your questions to 615.881.4391 Our concierge will respond with your answers.

4.  What are the benefits of participating in the Online Go-See?

Participants are viewed and evaluated by Elite Industry Professionals for the Go-See. These Agents are also looking for new faces with outgoing personalities to be represented and participate in upcoming projects.

5.  Is it possible to register multiple participants?

Yes, you must fill out a separate registration form for each participant you want to register.

6.  Are there any other costs involved for participating in the Online Go-See?

No, There are no other costs to participate in the Nationwide Online Go-See other than the one time registration fee.

7.  Do I have to have a PayPal account to pay for my registration?

All payments may be paid with any major credit card or debit card. We use PayPal’s secure website to capture all forms of payment.

8.  How do I speak with a live person?

Simply send a text with all of your questions to 615.881.4391 Our concierge will respond with your answers.

9.  Event Disclosure

MCI reserves the right to remove any person from the Online Go-See without reason resulting in a full refund.


Any person interested and not registered by the registration deadline will not be able to participate in the current Online Go-See.


The Photo Submitted must be that of the registered participant.

Collage style photos are NOT permitted.  The MCI Event Production department will crop the photo of their choice for the Online Go-See  in the event of this situation. However, dual participant entries with separate fees and pictures are allowed.


Your Registration Fee is for this current project only. Future MCI projects are subject to separate registration fees.

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