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Go-See Details

Submit a photo of ‘Mom & Child’ for Parent and Child Advertising Opportunities. This is an online Agent viewing by Industry professionals seeking both parent and child for National Marketing opportunities.


Pay rate varies for each project. MCI Event awards 4 top duos with paid compensation. 


Be seen for exciting opportunities and adventures!


Professional photos are not required

How To Submit : Fill out the online Registration form by using the URl

Where Does The Project Take Place: The Project is online and DOES NOT require any travel

Countless paid jobs are posted Nationwide everyday! This online Agent Go-See allows Industry Executives, Casting Directors & Brand Advertising Affiliates to see 'fresh new faces' while seeking unique personalities & interesting characteristics. Participation in this Go-See project is 'essential' to be considered by these Industry Professionals. Get noticed immediately by registering now. The process is easy, quick and 100% online. (Limited participation only) The door for success is wide!

All Photo Submissions received through the registration process will be publicly displayed via the Go-See Gallery for maximum Agent exposure.


Multiple participants are paid! Top Noticed Participants will receive financial compensation from MCI Event.


To submit, you must click on the provided website link and fill out the registration form in its entirety.


You will see a "Register Now" button at the end of the online registration form.


For further information and details regarding this project; read the "Requirements", "Tips", and "Recruitment Awareness" sections also located on the register page.


DISCLAIMER: The photo you submit through the online registration form WILL be the photo displayed for the online Go-See. Professional photos are not required. This is not a membership.

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